For my children in memory of their Opa-15/11/38 to 4/3/13

I see love and I see something new

Joy in Opa’s heart as he set eyes on you

Eleanor, he held your hand to kindy cue

Tanya, he saw your sugar speech, grade 2

Joshua, he did see the “supervisor” in you!

The girls one Christmas pushing prams with glee

Joshua, helping Opa trim the orange tree

River swims with Rex carrying sticks there and back

Opa walking hand in hand along the track

Lush roast dinners with moths upon the deck

Little dresses sway to music of Austrian dialect

Camping on Opa’s land, remember the family tent?

Sitting by the warm fire, how fast the time went

Little fingers picking nuts and fruit of four kind

Opa’s shadow overseeing the treasured find

Joshua hammering rocks, girls making potpourri

I can hear your Opa’s words saying, “Don’t you worry”.

Christmas star search and clanging spoons

Confetti sprinkled and birthday balloons

Year after year, Opa kept filling the wheelbarrow

Until God said, “Come home my little sparrow”.

Opa wept at the thought of leaving your side

You are forever his grandchildren, his joy and his pride.




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