Covid 19

563396C1-1C4D-45D8-9BB6-A21026EE376FCovid nineteen you have no authority to touch the soul. You may harm the body but Christ takes us home.

Home is not here on this earth’s mound, no we are home in Christ because in Him we are found.

Nothing in this world can come against those who put their hope in The Risen One. All  sorrow will cease when we finally see the Son.

Redemption by Jesus blood, we are clean and lifted up.

Take Hope in His every promise – start to claim, we take authority in Jesus over Covid and give it no fame.

This is what I speak aloud, “Go away forever Covid nineteen!!! We see a day ahead where peoples smiles are clearly seen!!

-Jessie Ward 8/8/20 – Inspired by Isaiah 43:1-2, 2Timothy 1:7


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