It’s dark and it’s heavy – I am still in wait. There is life within this dormant state.

I hear the Gardener above the ground. He sings  over me, love has a sound!

‘Good SEED’ the best is in store. ‘Good SEED’ there is so much more.

Don’t give up and don’t complain. Push the fertiliser aside and drink the rain.

The warmth around you, means the sun does shine. Though you cannot see, you will in good time.

Nearly at the surface, the last push will not see you come undone. Believe, you are the Gardener’s priceless one!

Sweet fragrance, colour and form – stream from ‘Good SEED’. You trusted the Gardener who knew your every need.

You discovered you weren’t buried alive.
NO you were made to overcome and thrive!!!

-written by Jessie – Inspired by Joel Osteen’s message this morning “GOOD SEED”… thank you Joel for reminding me that I’m planted and not buried. There is life inside the seed, life to grow. Created to blossom, created to give joy to others and to thrive! Amen to this!


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