Praise Gate

Whatever is coming at you is NOT from the hand of God

For His hand is not given to hurt you but to HELP you win

You are living between two worlds, very real.

One you cannot see and one you physically feel.

If you go by your feelings, you do not reign your will.

You start to blame God for every difficulty and every ill.

Sacrifice and discipline set faith at work, it is the hour.
Fast and pray before the devil turns your faith sour.

Life of trust is living faithfully beside every painful “why”?

God is always GOOD, vengeance is His, TRUTH does not lie.

PRAISE God in the everyday struggle
Like a pearl is formed in friction,

Be aware your purpose and identity to
ruin is the devil’s addiction .

Create an atmosphere Heaven can invade,

By praising Him – see His presence pervades.

Dare to  believe and See with new vision

This is the hour to make your decision

Fight the good fight of the faith and WAIT

The King of Kings dwells at the Praise Gate.

-written by Jessie 30/8/20- Inspired by Bill Johnson sermon titled “Trusting God when you don’t understand”. Inspired by Isaiah 60, Psalm 87 and Revelation 21


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