Mind be still

Here or there

The mind goes

Where I am

The Lord truly knows

Why the wrestle

And the careless noise

When the Lord

Has for me many joys

Be still to listen

And to see

The Word does live

within me

So take hold of the Word

And wait

Remembering God is

never too late

His ways are not my ways

I am reminded

His thoughts higher than mine

So I am un-binded

Released and positioned

To live well

His goodness I will

share and tell.

-by Jessica, inspired by Deut 28 and Isaiah 55. 20/9/18





  1. What a peaceful poem this is. You build in us the sense of rest. The short lines help me to reflect upon the message of every single word. The rhyme adds a gentle cohesion. And the theme must be universal, for if you and I have both had those same thoughts about struggling to be still and wait on an all-wise God, then how many others can also relate?


    • Thank you Angela for your kind and thoughtful comment. I can’t believe it has taken me over a year to reply to your comment. Personal crisis in my life shook me to my core and I stopped writing but here I am today returning to sharing poems inspired by the reading the Bible. Thank you for relaying to that poem I wrote. I will che k out your wordpress site too. God bless

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      • Jessie, I have found myself in the same boat. I haven’t been here since the beginning of February. The only reason there’s been anything new since then is because the posts were scheduled in advance. I too stopped writing, but this morning I wrote a poem to give to a friend for his birthday, and it rekindled my desire to write again. Hopefully I’ll be able to ease back into it. God bless you!


      • I just read your message and I love that you wrote a poem for a friend’s birthday. Such a great way to ease back into writing. Jesus bless you too. I do pray you are doing well. I look forward to reading something you have written soon. Blessings, Jessie

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      • I’m getting better at checking in with WP, but still my writing is rather hit or miss, and my reading is more sporadic still. There are so many demands upon my time and energy these days. But I suppose that’s just life. God bless you, Jessie!


  2. I have really enjoyed these beautiful poems by Jessie. The poems a felt from the heart and very inspirational. Keep up the great work Jessie your eork os very inspiring.


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